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Advance Review - Axis: Sova "Shampoo You"

(Photo Credit: Grant Engstorm)

We had the opportunity to get early access to Axis: Sova's new album Shampoo You! Shampoo You will drop on November 16, on Drag City imprint, God? Records. Axis: Sova is the trio of Brett Sova, Tim Kaiser, and Jeremy Freeze. This trio is able to achieve such a magnificent sound that will make you question how many members are actually in the group. They are a rock band with influences rooted in garage rock, indie, and alternative. Check out our review of Shampoo You below!

Advance Review - Axis: Sova - Shampoo You

1. Terminal Holiday - Solid beat and fantastic guitar lines that run throughout. It's a turn on alt-garage rock at it's core with steady melodies and vocals accented by some fun guitar solos. Foundational drum work helps support the track's melody throughout, keeping the pace.

2. New Disguise - Another solid track that evokes comps to garage rock and old school punk sounds with a new twist. Good guitar work is present throughout including some soloing. We also liked the old school punk harmonies present in the track.

3. Crystal Predictor - Crystal Predictor has some solid garage rock and old school punk rhythm to it. However, it leans much more indie in its sound than its predecessors on the album. Including the lead guitar work that evoked comps to Modest Mouse with how they laid over the rhythm (Particularly in the hook).

4. Dodger - This track was by far the farthest from the garage rock sound that had been developed (at least thus far). It seemed more of an homage to 80's alt and indie, especially in the way it employed group harmonies and the percussion present throughout. The guitar in this track was just downright fuzzy and fun, we loved it.

5. Stale Green - Prominent guitar work right out of the gate as dueling guitar lines danced over the percussion. This song again evokes memories of 80's alt and indie. The sound in this track and the previous track remind us somewhat of modernized Dire Straits.

6. Shock Recognition - Love, love, love the rhythm guitar line in this song. It again reminds us of 80's alt and indie, with a modern twist. The leads are of course fantastic and kick the damn door down. We like the home made harmonies, no dubbing here. The hook on this song is straight modern indie.

7. Same Person Twice - By far the longest track on the album, clocking in at 6:50. This track starts off more in the alt realm of music. By far the most subdued track on the album. It's really exquisite, it evokes thoughts of Pink Floyd, it's just a beautifully done track.

Closing Thoughts - This album evolves track by track. The first two songs have roots in garage rock, the third is a go between of sorts for the album evoking both garage rock and indie sounds, and four through six have a distinct sound that is almost an homage to 80's indie and alt. The final song "Same Person Twice" is just a deep beautifully done masterpiece that reminds us of the grandness of a Pink Floyd song, it has that depth of feeling to it. Also, it is hard to believe there are only three members in this band, as they are able to achieve significant sound. Overall this album is a great effort from the Axis: Savo and we definitely recommend it!

Rating - 4/5

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