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Advance Review - The Revivalists - Take Good Care

(Photo Credit: Zackery Michael)

We had the opportunity to get early access to The Revivalists new album Take Good Care that is out TODAY! The Revivalists are: David Shaw [lead vocals, guitar], Zack Feinberg [guitar], Ed Williams [pedal steel guitar], George Gekas [bass], Michael Girardot [keyboard, trumpet], Rob Ingraham [saxophone], Andrew Campanelli [drums] and PJ Howard [drums, percussion]. Check below for a track by track analysis of the album as well as the new video for their new hit "All My Friends"!

The Revivalists - Take Good Care Review:

1. "Otherside of Paradise" - This song has a nice mix of alt-folk and classic gospel inspired harmonies. The song's melody shifts in movements and is well done. It's a nice mellow way to start the album.

2. "All My Friends" - Gospel inspired organ rings through as the vocals slyly tease the jam that's about to be

unleashed. Taking cues from hip-hop, soul (complete with horns), and blues this song is downright catchy. There's a reason it's the lead single for the album.

3. "Change"- Fun guitar melodies, that ultimately bust into a funk/soul inspired hook. The verses build to that hook and boy is it rich. This song just sounds like it is made for radio, in a good way. With the catchy nature of the chorus, how could it not be?

4. "Got Love"- Another track that oozes soul and blues influence. The organs and horns kick the door in to start with. However, the verse slows it down for a bit, before yet another dynamic and catchy chorus. Vocals really shine in this one, as the harmonies stand up to the fantastic horn section that goes throughout the track.

5. "Next to You"- A more bluesy track then the previous offerings. There's still a tinge of soul influence there as well. This song is a slower track than the others as well. The Revivalists show some restraint here with this one, as they teeter on the edge of a full-on musical breakdown, but never quite get there. We like it as it shows some diversity from their more musically grand offerings.

6. "You Said It All" - This track has more of the hip-hop influences with some blues influence as well. The guitars in this track are great at breaking up the verses throughout. The melody that runs throughout the song pairs a horn with a beat mixed with what sounds like a theremin. That description may sound odd, but trust us, it works.

7. "Oh No" - The most rock influenced track on the album thus far. With a nice blues-rock style influenced riff that rolls throughout. This song picks up the pace, especially vocally. We can see this one being released as a single as well, it just plays so well. There are also some good guitar solos in here that sound modern blues influenced (think Gary Clark Jr.).

8. "You and I"- Starts off with a surfer rock beat that comes from nowhere. This song has a retro vibe to it that sounds in the ballpark of the previous offerings, but somehow different as well. There is definitely a Dick Dale vibe present throughout the chorus as well, but the beat is a bit more prevalent than traditional surf rock. This song is definitely a change of pace from the other songs on the album.

9. "Hate to Love You" - A slow jam that is strongly supported by the organ in the background. Perhaps some of the best "homemade"(i.e. not dubbed) harmonies come on this track with the harmonization of male and female vocals. We're always happy to hear authentic harmonies in music and The Revivalists deliver them in spades.

10. "Future" - This track starts of faster paced with a nice melody that breaks into damn catchy chorus (a signature of The Revivalists). We enjoyed the pairing of the acoustics and the clapping that helped drive the beat of the track. There is also some good guitar work in this one. This feels likes a great party song to put on when having friends over. We also the addition of female vocals that was reminiscent of soul.

11. "When I'm with You" - Acoustic track that has a nice pace to it, not slow by any stretch. A good toe tapper. Fantastic harmonies throughout! The use of the organ helps make the song feel warm. The drum beat and organ pairing gives the song a nice vintage feel that The Revivalists use to their advantage. Modern vintage is totally a thing and The Revivalists have mastered the art of it. There is a nice breakdown in this track that changes the pace a bit and gives the listener a nice break from the uptempo beats, this part also highlights some great vocal work.

12. "Celebration" - Nice vintage funk/soul feeling in this song that really show off the vocals, especially through the use of multiple person harmonies. We were digging the classic funk guitar riff present throughout, it took us back and felt so right in this track. The Revivalists are true to their name and know how to evoke nostalgia of classic sounds and put modern twists on them.

13. "Some People Say" - This track features a nice mix between blues, jazz, and hip-hop stylings for the melody. We absolutely love the melody here. While that is the case, the vocals are the star of the show in this track, as David Shaw really lets loose in this one (though he's not one to hold back).

14. "Shoot You Down" - We were really interested to see how The Revivalists would land this one. They went the acoustic route with a beautiful ballad. We have to say that we love the choice. They have had so many tracks on this album that are bright and vibrant, it was cool to see them really strip it down to the basics. Don't get us wrong, there were some gospel like backing vocals in the song that pushed the track, but at it's core this is a ballad and it's executed perfectly.

Closing Thoughts - This album fuses so many great sounds of blues, soul, funk, and rock. The Revivalists are so skilled at taking vintage sounds and putting a modern twist on it. Their music is so catchy, they know how to write a damn chorus better than most the acts out there today. Most of the songs were extremely upbeat and catchy, though we found ourselves gravitating toward the slower tunes like "Shoot You Down" and "Hate to Love You", so we definitely wish we could have gotten one or two more slower tracks on the album. That said, overall this is a great album you need to pick up if you're a fan of classic blues, soul, funk, and rock sounds as The Revivalists will have your toes tapping and you out of your seat dancing in no time.

Rating - 4/5

Check out the brand new video for "All my Friends" below!


  • October 20 Dallas, TX @ Toyota Stadium National Soccer Hall of Fame

  • October 26 New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Music & Arts Experience

  • October 28 Live Oak, FL @ Suwanee Hulaween

  • November 30 Broomfield, CO @ 1STBANK Center - Not So Silent Night

  • December 8 Saint Louis, MO @ 105.7 The Point Hoho Show

  • January 11 Washington, DC @ The Anthem

  • January 12 Philadelphia, PA @ The Metropolitan Opera House

  • January 13 Boston, MA @ House of Blues

  • January 16 New York @ Beacon Theatre

  • January 17 New York @ Beacon Theatre

  • January 19 Los Angeles, CA @ iHeartRadio ALTer Ego 2019

  • March 8 Madison, WI @ The Sylvee

  • March 9 St. Paul, MN @ Palace Theatre

  • March 10 Milwaukee, WI @ Riverside Theatre

  • March 13 Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre

  • March 15 Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre

  • March 16 Las Vegas, NV @ The Chelsea Theatre - Cosmopolitan

  • March 27 Dallas, TX @ South Side Ballroom

  • March 29 Houston, TX @ Revention Music Center

  • March 30 Austin, TX @ Stubb’s BBQ

  • March 31 Austin, TX @ Stubb’s BBQ

  • April 3 Orlando, FL @ House of Blues

  • April 5 St. Petersburg, FL @ Jannus Live

  • April 6 Key West, FL @ Key West Amphitheater

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