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The Friday Five - 11/02/18

"Quarter past Midnight" - Bastille

“Quarter past Midnight” is the first single off of Bastille’s upcoming third album. This song is full of life. It gives an upbeat look into the end of a night out, lead singer Dan Smith explained. “It’s about escapism,” Smith says according, “when you want the night to keep going and try to lose yourself in it for whatever reason. We wanted to capture that feeling and have it sound a bit raucous and messy and euphoric,”

“Quarter past Midnight” feels like the perfect song to make you feel better or to listen to before going out. Or, it could be the perfect song to end the night, if you want. It stresses the idea that anything can happen at the end of the night. Trust me when I say that this song does not disappoint!

"Body Talks" - The Struts

The Struts are labeled as being Brit Rock. So, their music has the distinction of being played on both the alternative stations and the more hard rock radio stations. “Body Talks” sounds just like that type of song that could play on either radio station, which isn’t a bad thing, but actually a strength for them and their fans as well.

“Body Talks” comes off of the band’s sophomore album “Young & Dangerous.” According to vocalist Luke Spiller, the song is about the attraction between two people and how that connection can almost feel magnetic when they look into each other’s eyes. This song is full of energy and raw power. I think the best part about a The Struts song is the fact that all of their songs are perfect sing-along songs and can [and should] be belted at the top of ones lungs.

"Daylight" - Blue October

Blue October got their start all the way back in 1995. Since then, they have been putting out a steady amount of hits including, “Hate Me,” “Into the Ocean,” “The Worry List,” and “Bleed out,” to name a few. Now they have released a new album for 2018 titled “I Hope You’re Happy.” From this album, I would like to bring attention to the song, “Daylight,” specifically. To me, “Daylight” sounds like a departure from the other work they have done in the past. In fact, the whole album sounds different from the work they have done in the past.

But, this change is a good thing. I think it is good when a band takes a risk and changes things up from record to record. A band does not need to change too much but just enough to keep hardcore fans happy and new fans interested. I feel like Blue October has achieved this with this album, and specifically with this song. I say check out Blue October’s new album and also check them out on tour when they come to a city near you!

"Nina Cried Power" - Hozier

Hozier fans have been waiting on a new album from him for a while now. But lucky for them, Hozier did release new music in 2018 and one of these songs was “Nina Cried Power.” This song celebrates artists like Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Billie Holiday and many more, including artist Mavis Staples, who also does some vocals on the track. It celebrates their call for protests through their music and art. This song is the exact type of protest song people need nowadays--something that is not too preachy, but also has something to say.

Hozier has been known to have a very soulful classic rock feel to his music. All have some sort of overarching message and this song is no different. “Nina Cried Power” is the name of Hozier’s EP and it is definitely one to listen to. According to Billboard, Hozier said that as a child some of the first records he listened to was by Muddy Waters, John Lee, Hooker, and Howlin’ Wolf. You can really hear these influences throughout his work.

"Sorry" - Nothing but Thieves

Nothing but Thieves are one of those bands that get played on the radio often, but some might not know they are listening to them. This band has plenty of good songs to choose from, but I felt like “Sorry” had to be my favorite of them all. Sorry is a song about getting older and looking inward at yourself and the things you have done in the past. The song also talks about dealing with your demons and how difficult it can be sometimes.

Nothing but Thieves does a good job of intensifying this song until the very big build at the end. Along with this, when you focus on the lyrics together with the instrumentals, it gives the song so much emotion and depth. Anyone can relate to looking back on their own lives and realizing something they wish they could change or take back. “Sorry” is a song that will make you reminisce and think about your life, and at the very end remind you that those things are in the past.

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