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The Friday Five - 10/19/18

Geri Lemmons, Contributor 

Another week full of my top 5 alternative songs for this week. I have noticed that some of my top songs for this week seem to feel more uplifting. While at the same time I have one song that may not fit that overall feeling at all. But, this week’s list features the who’s who of the alternative music scene while also featuring some up and coming new comers. Enjoy!  

1. Rescue Me-30 Seconds to Mars It feels like 30 Seconds to Mars has incorporated a whole new sound for the “America” album. They seem to be more influenced by the EDM community now more than ever. In the song, “Rescue Me,” it can definitely be heard throughout the song. It doesn’t sound bad, it actually sounds cool to hear the two genres come together in this track. 30 Seconds to Mars has always been a band that sets their own path with their albums and this one is no different.

30 Seconds to Mars has been making music for a long time now now. With the Album, “America,” they seem to be making a political statement. It is also a more pop album than we are used to. “Rescue Me” feels like a song that is fun to sing along to or dance to, or just listen to when you’re feeling down. Even though the lyrics may seem a little generic, the song is still good and will leave you feeling empowered. 

2. I Feel Like I’m Drowning-Two Feet Two Feet is the stage name of a man named Bill Dee’s. “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” is his first number one hit on a Billboard chart. The song sounds like it is about a manipulative person in his life, someone who has taken advantage of another person in a relationship and has wasted the other person’s time. To me, the song feels like the perfect break-up anthem without trying too hard.

Two Feet is a rising artist that has played at festivals like Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits. This track feels stripped down and simple. It doesn’t need all of the bells and whistles like other songs on the radio. I would recommend his music if you are a fan of bands like James Blake or X Ambassadors. He is a new artist that is on the rise. 

3. &Run-Sir Sly Have you ever been in the car and immediately turned up a song you are hearing for the first time? That is what I had to do the first time I heard the song “&Run” by Sir Sly. This song is the second release from the bands sophomore album, “Don’t You Worry, Honey.” This song’s lyrics seem to be aimed at life’s ups and downs. The group incorporates hip hop beats with an alternative sound. They seem to do it flawlessly without leaning to one side more than the other.

After doing some research, I discovered that some of the song’s lyrics have a deep connection with the lead singer. According to Kurrent, the lyrics, “You could be a happy bride and we could still be blissfully in love. Instead of being 25 and already feeling like you have had enough,” relate back to the lead singer’s divorce and how things played out in the marriage. But with tragedy, comes hope. The song is about moving on and getting through tragedies in life.

4. Run for Cover-The Killers The Killers have been a staple in the alternative music genre for a while now. “Run for Cover” is off the bands album Wonderful Wonderful (2017). The Killers is one of those go to bands when it comes to alternative music. So, there is no question that this single would be just as good as their other work. “Run for cover” has a pop rock feel to it, as does the rest of the album. It still has that signature Killers sound but, with more of a pop music feel. I also like the lyrics of this song as well. The song tells a story about a senator who mistreats his wife, both in the perspective of the senator himself and in the perspective of his wife. The band has been working on this particular track since 2008. The song finally came together when the band was writing their 2017 album. In my opinion, this song was well worth the wait.

5. Up All Night-Beck “Up All Night” comes off of Beck’s LP “Colors”. Beck is one of those artists that has been changing up his style ever since his break out hit “Loser.” With the LP “Colors,” Beck changes up his style once again and goes for a very up-beat feel. “Up All Night” is about moving forward and jumping through life’s hoops with a positive attitude.

Becks LP, “Colors,” feels like an album full of positivity. Actually, this indeed was Beck’s whole goal for the album. He wanted something that would lift up people’s spirits. Beck can take a pop rock sound and make it sound introspective and close to the heart. “Up All Night” sounds like experimental pop and that’s what makes it good. It doesn’t sound like anything else, and at the same time uplifts you and makes you feel good from start to finish.     

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