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From the Vinyl Vault - 10/4/18

Welcome to the revamped From the Vinyl Vault where each week Frankie and Michael will share a record from their collections and talk about its importance to them and alt music! Let's get started!

Oso Oso - The Yunahon Mixtapes - 2017 (Frankie)

I’ll admit in my teen years I was one of those crazy “defend pop punk,” band-tee-and-skinny-jeans-everyday scene kids. I grew up, as it goes, and my music taste started to branch out; I discovered other genres, found new favorite bands. A little over a year ago, a new employee at my restaurant gig took it upon himself to change the music I had playing (probably Wu-Tang Clan, I went through a phase), and at first I thought, “How dare he? Who does this guy think he is?” But then I really started digging the song that came on, and kept listening, bobbing my head. It took me back to those high school days of listening to my music way too loud on the back of the school bus and trying to draw parallels between the heartbroken and angry songs I was hearing to my very mediocre, country lifestyle. The band he put on, he told me, was called Oso Oso, and they had just released their second full length album The Yunahon Mixtapes on Bandcamp.

I was immediately hooked, so began my pop-punk phase once again. The following February, right around my birthday, I got the chance to see Oso Oso in Columbus at Ace of Cups along side Jetty Bones, Mom Jeans., and Tiny Moving Parts. The show was amazing, to say the least, even though Mom Jeans. had massive technical issues for part of their set. In true DIY style, the bands were hanging around their merch tables, talking to fans new and old. That’s where I purchased my copy of The Yunahon Mixtapes on pretty pink vinyl, as well as way too much other stuff (I’m a sucker for good merch) and took it home immediately to listen to it.

This album is everything my little emo heart could want. Relatable lyrics, catchy riffs, even a little slow acoustic piece tucked right in the middle called “get there (when you’re there)” that makes me smile every time I hear it. I also recommend the song “reindeer games” for its silly and adorable lyrics about wishing time would freeze during the good parts and speed up when its rough. Definitely go give this album a listen!

Father John Misty - Live at Third Man Records - 2018 (Michael)

I know, I know, I just love me some Father John Misty! But hear me out here. This is his first live album, it's just him and a guitar and he's playing live at Third Man Records! I pre-ordered the album the day it was announced from his website (and was surprised when I got it well in advance of the actual release date) and have given it multiple run-throughs. I have to say, I love this album. There is something so raw and powerful about Father John Misty's vocals, message, and voice in this format.

The album includes tracks from his first three albums, they are:

1. I Love You, Honeybear

2. I’m Writing a Novel

3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings

4. Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)

5. So I’m Growing Old on Magic Mountain

6. Holy Shit

7. Everyman Needs a Companion

Now did Father John Misty play every song I would have liked to hear on this album? No. Is that possible? That would also be no. However, the offering we did get is a damn good one. All of the versions border on new compositions, they are different yet familiar. Misty's voice carries in this format and the crowd assembled eats it up (for good reason).

Father John Misty is on a prolific tear right now, having put out two studio albums and a live album all in the span of two years. Such output is not often seen from artists today and the fact that it is of such high quality is what makes this feat even more incredible. I know he has some critics out there (many for reasons other than music), but it's hard to argue that he's not on the top of his game right now.

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