Artist Spotlight - Stef Chura

(Photo Credit: Ashley Schulz)

We had the opportunity to chat with rising alt-star and Detroit native Stef Chura! With dominant vocal work that can drive and be melodic and powerful guitar work, Chura's brand of alt evokes comps to The Breeders and Kim Deal. She's currently in the middle of touring the country and she has an album coming out sometime next year, but she took the time to chat with us about her music. Check it out below!

1. How did you come to pursue music, how long have you been at it?

"I started playing guitar around age 13. Then I went to boarding school and got kicked out. I began writing more a little later and started playing in bands in high school".

2. Could you walk us through your process of writing music?

"I use intuition a lot. I usually start writing in my head and then go home and add the guitar to a song. I also many times will record vocal ideas on my phone".

3. What artists have inspired you in your career?

"Kim Deal and Pixies, especially lyrically. I love riot girl music, some folk as well. I like Throwing Muses a little. I also like punk, Devo, David Bowie, and the Clash".

4. Do you have any favorite music gear (guitars, amps, effects pedals, keyboards, etc.) that you love to use? If so, what’s the story on them?

"I mostly play Fenders. I have a love/hate relationship with my main guitar it's a Fender Mustang from the '60s with a Duo Sonic neck that is a bit of a Frankenstein guitar. I like to keep it simple pedal-wise, I have drive, clean, chorurs, an American Woman Pedal. I use reverb and vibrato from my amps a lot as well".

5. What is one thing that you want the public to know about your music?

"I hope they hear it".

6. Do you have any upcoming projects you would like fans to know about?

"We're on tour now (see dates below) and we have an album coming out next year. We just released a song on WNYC's More Perfect Podcast on the 17th Amendment (see video below)".

Tour Dates


The Mr. Roboto Project, Pittsburgh, PA, US


First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA, US


White Eagle Hall, Jersey City, NJ, US


Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, US


The Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY, US


Ottobar, Baltimore, MD, US