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Headbanger's Howl


"Hi guys, it's me Sarah and welcome to Headbanger's Howl! Where we talk about the corners of the alt world where the guitars are distorted and have teeth! Where vocalists growl their lyrics and the drums and bass shake the walls of of a venue to it's core. We're talking alt-metal and of course punk! So join me as we take a walk on the wilder side of alt music!"

The Word Alive - (Phoenix, AZ)

The Word Alive is a group from Arizona with members Telle Smith on vocals, Toni Pizzuti, and Zach Hansen on guitar and vocals, and Matt Horn on drums. This is a group that can do it all. Their songs are not just cookie cutter songs produced from the same few chords. The amount of talent these musicians put into their songs is beyond amazing. Don’t believe us? Check them out for yourselves. They have recently released a new album named “Violent Noise” which does not disappoint. You are able to hear Telle’s great cleans and screams which shows what a well-rounded vocalist he is in this album. These four guys know how to kill it, and we highly recommend not only listening to them but seeing them live. They are a fun and high energy group (even when Telle broke his leg). Take a listen! Matt has brought an awesome sound to the group now that he has joined, so for fans out there that haven’t head their newer stuff, you should see what great things they are doing!

Neck Deep - (Wrexham, UK)

Neck Deep is a pop punk band from the UK. Their members consist of Ben Barlow as vocals, Matt West and Sam Bowden on guitar, Fil Thorpe-Evans on Bass and Dani Washington on drums. If you have not heard any of Neck Deep’s stuff, you need to! Most of us have heard of their song “In Bloom” which still gives me shivers every time I listen to it, but if you are one of those folks who have only listened to that song, you really need to check out more of their music. Their style is so much more than just the “typical pop punk” sound. Ben’s vocal range is insane which many vocalist can’t to do, not to mention their ability to write lyrics. Neck Deep’s lyrics are some of our favorites. It’s like your favorite one-liners from movies but in song form, not to mention their motivational lyrics that make you instantly relate to them. Check them out!

Crown the Empire - (Dallas, TX)

Crown the Empire is a group from Texas that has been creating hits since day one. Their current members consist of Andy Leo on vocals, Brandon Hoover on guitar, Hayden Tree on bass and vocals, and Brent Taddie on drums. They have gone through quite the member change over the last few years but have not lost their sound. They have recently released a new song 20/20 which is fantastic and one you need to hear for yourself. CTE has a great mix of cleans and screams along with some of the best melodies and choruses that show if you listen to their albums. I will say their older stuff is a little heavier than their new stuff but not as drastically different as other bands in the scene have developed over time. As someone who has seen them multiple times and has met them, we can confidently say they are just as great live as they are in the studio as well as some of the coolest cats. Give them a listen, and hopefully, they become one of your favorite artists like they are for us.

Headbanger's Howl Top 10:

  1. "Hologram" - Crown the Empire

  2. "Red Clouds" - The Word Alive

  3. "Where Do We Go When We Go" - Neck Deep

  4. "Midnight Crusade" - Dance Gavin Dance

  5. "I ALWAYS WANTED TO LEAVE" - The Plot in You

  6. "Walk Tall" - Set to Stun

  7. "Bulls in the Bronx" - Pierce the Veil

  8. "Hero"- Issues

  9. "Want Me Around" - Knuckle Puck

  10. "Lost in the Moment" - We Came as Romans

Hope you enjoyed all the metal riffs, solos, and screams from today's selections. We'll see you next week for another Headbanger's Howl!

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