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"Stories from the Road" - with The Mammoths (Pt. 1)

As they begin their Summer Tour, friends of the site The Mammoths have agreed to give us the inside scoop into life on the road touring across the country over the next few weeks. They will share the good, the bad, and the ugly, all in their own words! Stay tuned as we will update you withe the adventures of The Mammoths every week. With that said, let's go!

  • 7/11 - We all met at the band house at 5:45am to hit the road for an 11 hour drive. The van (Peggy) got 3 new tires the day before, which set us back $800. Its an expensive, but worthwhile cost to keep us safe on the road. A second, small set back was that the 100 CDs we purchased with 8 of our songs on it didn’t work. The owner of the CD duplication company is supposed to be mailing us new ones in the next few days (fingers crossed there). Overall, spirits are high and we’re anxious to get this six week tour started.

  • 7/12 - The first show of tour in Pensacola was… I guess you could say good practice. It was a 3 hour set on the boardwalk which shared a patio with Hooters. We all had beds to stay in after the show, and slept until the early afternoon. We spent an amazing day at the beach soaking in the ocean and watching the Blue Angels practice - t’was neat! Our drive to Mobile was a quicky. We played one of the best shows we’ve ever played to a small, but receptive crowd.

  • 7/13 - We’re on the way to Macon to play with Repeat Repeat, a band from Nashville who recently played Bonnaroo and received a excellent review from Rolling Stone. Macon is a comfortable town for is to play. I (David) have a distant relative who cooks for us and gives us our own beds! Hopefully tonight’s show will have a bigger crowd than the past two nights! Currently half-way through a 6 hour drive.

  • 7/14 - Our show in Macon went well. A handful of people made the trek from Atlanta to Macon to catch our set. There was a minor tiff between band members as we were loading out, which was quickly resolved over a couple PBRs. We got in bed at 3:00am and had our alarms set for 6:15am. We arrived at the Sierra Nevada Brewery 2 hours before our set and were blown away. The pl ace looks like a country club converted to a brewery. Tim’s family drove down from Asheville. There were little kids running around in circles in front of the stage, which looked liked the tamest mosh pit ever. Our set went great besides my my higher register going out. I think it was the combo of playing a smoking bar the night before and lack of sleep. Tim was able to cover the falsetto stuff for me. We sold $200 in merch and met a couple from the Midwest who are planning to see us at the mile of Music festival in Wisconsin. We ventured back to Tim’s sisters house where we were greeted with a home cooked meal, a Fire, and Bud Lights. We camped in the front yard as the neighbors shot off fireworks (10 days late?). Currently we are showering up and getting ready to drive to the Oskar Blues Brewey in Brevard, NC. We’ll wrap up at 5:00pm and will drive to my Aunt’s Lake home outside of Athens for a day off :)

Below are the dates for our upcoming shows, so if you're in the area, come check us out!

  • 7/17 - Athens, GA

  • 7/18 - Awendaw, SC

  • 7/19 - Charleston, SC

  • 7/20 - Wilmington, NC

  • 7/21 - Richmond, VA

Check out some of the videos from The Mammoths' adventures below or on our YouTube Channel!

FMI on The Mammoths visit:

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