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Expanding the Team and Reach

Alt Revue has been in existence for 10 days. In the time since it was founded by Michael La Torre and Sarah Giles, we have expanded our team in order to provide better coverage of the best alternative music in the world and made some great friends along the way. We will continue in this effort to hit as many music scenes across the globe as we can!

Our updated roster is below:

  • Michael La Torre - Co-Founder and Co-Editor - Covers: National Music Scene, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Corpus Christi.

  • Sarah Giles - Co-Founder and Co-Editor: Covers - National Music Scene, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Akron, and Morgantown.

  • Nicholas La Torre - Contributor: Covers - National Music Scene, Columbus, Detroit, and Cincinnati.

  • Sarah Jacobs - Contributor. Covers - National Music Scene, St. Louis, Chicago, and Indianapolis.

  • Karis Raeburn - Contributor - Covers: National Music Scene and London.

Also we have expanded our reach by creating this website and establishing our online presence both on social media and the web in general. We will be using all of these platforms to bring you the best alt music content possible and have some great content planned for the upcoming months! Thank you to our followers, it seems like a whirlwind in the short time since we started and we are excited to expand this venture!

Much Love,

-Michael L. and Sarah G.

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